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Interiour Shops
Interiour Shops
Probably many of us know what is buying furniture and interior items. How different is the picture that the user saw in social media, from the real sofa that you received by ordering online.
The decision to digitize the purchase of elite furniture and interior items, we were able to realize in several stages:
  • Correct photos and real sizes of furniture
  • Possibility of ordering a 3D model of your interior
  • The ability to create your own interior from a set of correctly.

Now it is important to imagine the fact that the store operates all over Europe, where you can order, pay and receive everything you ordered online without limits. Customers will be sure that the size of the furniture, color and tone will fit into their interior, everything is already thought out and made up.
Of course, in the project we did not do without the high-quality content and work of our mathematicians, who thought out the little things of the correct navigation, categories and names, for convenient searching for different countries.

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