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Health & Beauty Studios
Health & Beauty Studios
In terms of beauty and health you need confidence in the right choice of funds and in a specialist who works with you. How do you create the online attraction of customers in such a sphere?
It is necessary not only to show where the salon or the clinic is and to describe the services, but to do everything so that the client gets the maximum he needs and has registered on-line.
As always, we test the interfaces and behavior of customers on the web page and have come up with the idea of giving our customers more time for themselves - by creating and implementing them on the website, express service.
This means that it is necessary to visit several specialists at once, to get all services in a short time and to enjoy full service. The express service is not new to the market, but the fact that it can be found, registered and received online - it was our solution.
The salon or clinic project can also have an online shop module with integrated payment and delivery modules as well as our product maintenance (import-export)

Dental Clinic
Ordinary dental clinic was opened half a year ago. The city has many dental offices: from small “1chair” format to large offices with all arts of dental medicine. People`s teeth health became controllably, but most of people don't visit their dentist each half year. Some of them are afraid of dentists. Increase customer base to often customer`s visits
We did easy 5 steps communication:
I want a magic